How CityXcape Uses Data

Many Tech companies bury their data policy under heavy legalese to discourage people from knowing how their data is being utilized. CityXcape believes in no such thing! Transparency is best.

I will not try to paint you a saintly picture of CityXcape. After all, a tech company is in the business of selling data. However, we will try our best to use the data we collect for activities that are useful to the public. Let’s see how CityXcape can do this.

Sell Data to You

We Sell Data to You

CityXcape is an app to find secret spots, but not all of spots are equal. Want to see where that elite secret spot is? You might have to pay $5… Want to message that cute girl you see at a secret spot? If you don’t have enough StreetCred, it might cost you $1. These examples can go on and on.

As you can see, one of our first buyers of data are users like you. What you are buying is social access, whether it is an address to a secret spot or messaging someone you like.

Sell data to Transit

We Sell Data to Transportation

In a hurry to a secret spot? Don’t worry, CityXcape can hail you an Uber. Not sure what path to take to meet the most people? CityXcape has suggestions for you. As users visit secret spots, CityXcape collects data on the routes they used to get there. It then compares this information to the routes of others and analyzes them.

There are tons of buyers for this sort of information, from transit agencies like the MTA to private companies like Uber. In a nutshell, because going to a secret spot requires traveling, CityXcape possess data directly related to the profitability of transportation.

Sell data to Real Estate

We Sell Data to Real Estate

When you join a world on CityXcape, you are generating data. Your demographic data combined with the world you join creates census information. You are essentially detailing what community lives where in the city. This data has all sorts of application.

First, it helps people with similar interest know where to live or play. If I am a history buff, the map of CityXcape will show me which neighborhoods have other enthusiasts like myself.

Second, real estate developers can use this data to know where and what kind of properties to build. This will increase their success rate as developers, making the community, CityXcape, and realtors richer!

Sell Data to City Planners

We Sell Data to City Planners

Urban developers are often the cause behind the death of many neighborhoods. This is because they tend to apply revitalization enhancements suddenly rather than gradually, destroying the character of the locality in the process. In fact, gentrification is another way of saying a neighborhood has no character. One sees sterile stores and luxury high rises, but very little flavor.

What urban planners need is social and contextual data. Why do people go to this spot rather than that one? Why is this neighborhood flourishing but that one dying? Why is this community of people shifting to that corner of the city? What planners need is not just numbers but context. Since CityXcape knows the exploring activities of people, we can give them this information.

Sell data to Advertisers

We Sell Data to Advertisers

You know this was coming… What is a tech company without ads? Marketing does not mean selling our soul however. As a company, we can help corporations put their product at the right locations. More importantly however, we want to empower small businesses by connecting them to people exploring their area.

A business with excess inventory can use CityXcape to broadcast their specials to the explorers passing by looking for secret spots. Since the extra discounted price offers a huge relief to the buyer, this ad in of itself can be a secret spot. Imagine a particular store selling their $20 meal for $5 at a certain time of day, this can be a huge secret spot to millennials seeking to save money. The business does not throw away food, and the passerby give their pockets a relief. Awesome no? Maybe we should call this ‘secret advertising’.

Open Source Data

We Open Source Our Data

The cases mentioned above are just early ideas on what can be done. Truth is however, there are many more ways to utilize this information. Since we are not omniscient, we plan on open sourcing some of our data. Entrepreneurs and engineers can do wonders when they have access to data. CityXcape will give them the key to the city.


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