Scout Rules

As scouts, our job is to find secret spots for people to enjoy. To be successful however, there are a few protocols to follow. These best practices will help you scout better and stay productive. Here they are:


Catch the Footage

Photos are the biggest element that attract people. Therefore, a big part of the work you do is posting great images of the secret spots you find. Angles and editing help, but make sure the image entices curiosity, something that will get someone to go verity that spot.

In today’s world, a good camera can simply be your cell phone. Since you will need the CityXcape app to share the secret spots you find, a modern cell phone kills two birds with one stone.


Remain Alert

As scouts, we observe- it’s one of our core skills. Learn to capture knowledge fresh from the pages of life. To be successful as a scout, you will need to form the habit of observing everything you see on the streets, thats how you find secret spots.

Pay attention to every detail, the stores, the pavement, the type of people in the neighborhood, the odd pathways, etc. A scout should also spend a significant amount of time people watching. This training will help you discern what community a secret spot belongs to.


Talk to People

Most secret spots are not businesses. A secret spot can be a hill with a view while another is a free parking spot in the city. There is no way you will uncover certain spots by just scouting a neighborhood. To truly penetrate the unknown, you must talk to people.

The most successful scouts are ones that are social- they can easily spark conversations with strangers. I recommend asking at least one person for secret spots each day. Secret spots are social phenomenons, that means they are hiding inside the minds of people. You can see a bar and have no idea it is a secret spot for surfers. The only way to find out is by talking to people. So my dear scouts, please ask the folks you meet for secret spots.



Most urbanites know only a few neighborhoods in the city, mainly the place they live and work. Not only is their ignorance of the city near absolute, their walking pattern is circular. They walk the same paths, the same trains, and hang out at the same spots. As robotic as this sounds, it isn’t their fault. The average person is pre-occupied with work. But when they do have free time, they do not have a reason to visit a different neighborhood. That is where you come in as a scout.

A scout’s job is to find secret spots throughout the city. These secret spots give people a reason to visit other neighborhoods. This enriches people’s knowledge of the city and exposes them to new people. You are literally making the city a better place by finding and sharing secret spots on CityXcape.

Knowing the city is part of your job as a scout. You have to consciously break your walking pattern. You should explore at least one neighborhood per week. Don’t make shallow explorations, spend time learning the community! It will personally enrich you and allow you to tell better stories about the secret spots you find.

I am always looking for scouts throughout the country. If you would like to join our community, use this link to get the CityXcape app. Be sure to choose Scout Life once you get to the world menu on the app, that will make you a memnber of our world, allowing you to find secret spots and meet other scouts.


Scout Life!