What are Secret Spots

When I meet someone new to CityXcape, one of the first thing they ask me is to define a secret spot. Although there isn’t a strict definition, I believe most secret spots you will encounter fall under three categories: 1) A spot where people of a community gathers. 2) A free resource for people. 3) A tucked away location that offers isolation, an escape from the city. Let’s take a look at each one.


A good deal of the secret spots out there are get together zones for a community. See the stairs under that building? That’s where skaters hang out. See this cafe by the beach? That’s a spot for many local writers. I’m sure you’ve encountered scenarios like this.

Community secret spots are secrets in plain sight. You would not know their context unless an insider told you, hence why CityXcape considers them secret. So as a scout, when you find spots where a community gathers, put them on CityXcape.

treasure chest

Courtesy of Wooden Earth

Would you like a bicycle? I know secret spots that gives them away for free. Interested in 3D-printing? I know a secret spot that pays you $2500 a month to learn how to operate them. Need an office space? I know co-working spaces you can use for free at anytime. This list can go on and on. There are ton of free resources in the city, people just don’t know of them.

As a scout, your job is to find these free resources and post them on CityXcape. I get great joy from people’s reaction when they see the free amenities available to them. It shows me that the work I do as a scout matters.

intimate places

The last common type of secret spots are those that offer isolation. Sometimes we just want to get away from all the noise. Those secret spots offer the refuge we all periodically need.

Secret spots of isolation are not just places for reflection, they are also great romantic settings. Examples of such secret spots can be a lone bench on a hill with a spectacular view, or a hidden lake at a park… You get the point! Find them, post them!


CityXcape is a platform that lets those who love scouting share their explorations and compete with other scouts. This helps those of a less adventurous nature discover new places and meet new people. Let’s expands each other’s world. If you believe you are scout material, we recommend you signing up for the app and start exploring.

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