Scouting as a date

A decade of bar hopping, clubbing, and restaurant dining have convinced me that none of these venues are ideal places to bond with people. Bars and clubs are dark, loud, and involve intoxication. Restaurants are not only lethargic, expensive, and boring but the experience tend to be nothing more than a job interview for a husband or wife. 

These venues are not only pricey, but they lack dynamic. They do not provide enough varying circumstances to reveal different angles of your potential lover. A dinner date is a passive activity, where you and the other person consume while asking each other template questions. 

For those of you who like a more active approach to dating, there is an alternative from consuming- scouting. Scouting is the activity of urban exploring. You and your partner can go on exploration missions together. The city has a a lot of secret spots to discover. These gems are waiting to reveal their story... Why not take your date along the adventure?

But how does one begin scouting you? Where should you explore? Unless you're a seasoned explorer, you may feel quite lost. Even myself, after years of exploring still struggle to find new areas to scout. To remedy this problem and make life easier for everyone, I am creating CityXcape- an app that allows scouts to find and share explorations. 

CityXcape shows you what areas to scout. It does this by giving you missions to find or verify secret spots. There are scouting missions everywhere in the city. So you can just pick an area suitable for you and your date to go exploring together. 

Scouting is a dynamic process. Depending on the location and time, CityXcape may assign you a mission to go find a secret with a given characteristic. Another possibility is the app can ask you to verify a secret spot someone else has found to ensure information correctness. 

Some missions give you a secret spot to go verify 

Asset 4.png

Scouting forces you to learn new corners of your city and meet new people. Observing how your date reacts to new environments and people will tell you more than would a 1,000 dinner dates. I hope you find the person of your dreams and scout with them.

Forget dinner. Escape to the city.