Rediscover the Streets

The city has many layers, many of them hidden. Most people don’t know where to look for secret spots. This invisible barrier prevents people from accessing worlds that would make their life more enjoyable. The stuff tour guides show are superficial. If you want to discover the streets, a different tool has to be used- CityXcape.

CityXcape is an app to find secret spots. A secret spot can be anything. It can be a hill with a view, a hidden bar for surfers, a small free museum, a gorgeous rooftop garden, a secret dish at a restaurant, etc. Secret spots are pockets of fresh air. Places where you can meet people. Everyone has secret spots, CityXcape is just the app to share them.

You may wonder, wouldn’t everyone knowing about these spots ruin them? CityXcape hears these concerns, and that is why we use a system of ‘worlds’ to keep them hidden. When you download CityXcape, you are asked to choose a world. Worlds are social communities like Skaters, LBGT, Foodies, etc. Once a community is chosen, the app shows you secret spots for that world.

Secret spots remain hidden by being visible only to their world. Different world means different secret spots. Second, worlds also ensure that you when you visit a secret spot, you will meet people you share commonalities with. No more meetups, just explore the city and meet people.

Whether tourist or local, we encourage you to re-discover the streets by signing up for CityXcape. The app is not yet released, but use the button below to join the waitlist.

Discover the Streets!