An App for Secrets

There is a world we see and one we don’t see. While the visible world has its place, the real fun happens in the invisible one. The visible world abides by formalities, rules of etiquette that allow exchange to take place. While people play their part in the visible world, their true nature gets unleash in the invisible one.

Many people do not know how to find these hidden worlds. For those seeking to probe the hidden layers of the city, CityXcape is for you. CityXcape is an app to find secret spots. It allows you and like minded individuals to form a world and share spots that remain visible only to members. Most worlds are public, meaning anyone can join them. Others are private, meaning invite only!

Since secrecy is a priority in CityXcape, I’d like to briefly cover the three ways secret spots remain hidden, despite being posted inside an app. Here we go!

Secret Spots are Hidden through Worlds


When you download CityXcape, one of the first thing you are asked is to choose a world. Worlds are people in a community who share a common activity. An example of a world would be speakeasies during prohibition period. Yes, they were venues to get illegal alcohol but they were also gathering hubs for drinkers. The concept of world is nothing new, every layman uses this term. We all speak of the fashion world, the LBGT world, or the tech world. This is a real phenomenon, CityXcape simply uses it to hide secret spots.

In the CityXcape app, different worlds means different secret spots. In other words, secret spots remain visible only to their worlds. If you and I belong to two different worlds, we will see entirely different secret spots on the map. Lastly, some worlds are open to the public, others are private, which means invite only!

Secret Spots are Hidden through Rank


Although you and I may belong to the same world, we might still see different set of secret spots. Why? That is because each of us may have contributed differently to that world. Confused? Don’t worry, allow me to explain.

Members that are new to a world have not contributed much, they also have not yet obtained trust. This means the secret spots they are able to see are old, already well known secret spots. We call them tourist spots.

As a member contributes to a community however, either by adding or verifying secret spots, their credibility grows. As a user gets more streetcred, CityXcape reveals higher level secret spots to him or her. Those interested in the CityXcape ranking system can learn more here.

Secret Spots are Hidden through Blockchain


Privacy is a rare commodity nowadays. Most would agree that keeping secret spots hidden through a system of worlds and rank are solid methods. There is still one last eye to keep secret spots hidden from however- the government.

As an entity, the government certainly has its place but most would say that they have become far too powerful. To alleviate privacy invasion, CityXcape employs blockchain technology for secret spots. This means that data about secret spots are encrypted and not stored at a central location. Even if the government came to us for this information, CityXcape as a company would not be able to give it to them since it is not stored in our database.

How We Get Paid

One may wonder how CityXcape gets paid. As already mentioned, some worlds on our app will be public, others private. Public worlds are free because CityXcape has the right to use this data for commercial purposes. Private worlds however will cost its owners some dollars. That is because data about private worlds are on a blockchain and accessible to no one. Those who are more interested in this matter should read the article on how CityXcape uses data. If you or someone you know is interested in creating a private world, feel free to email us for a demo and pricing.

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