Calling All Scouts

CityXcape is an app to find secret spots. Secret spots are resources or venues that are not known to the general public. They can come in many different forms. Some secret spots are hidden getaways from the noise of the city, some offer free services or amenities, while others can be as simple as a parking area no one knows about.

We are looking for scouts, people who can find and contribute secret spots to the platform.  Who are scouts exactly? Scouts are people who know and explore their city and would like to share their knowledge with the community. They live by three axioms:

CityXcape Explore.jpg

Keep Exploring.

Deeply exploring one city is equivalent to 100 travels. Scouts possess the habit of constantly exploring new territories in their city. They often set aside a time for spontaneous explorations and chance discoveries.

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Remain Alert.

Scouts train their eyes to observe sharply. They have mastered the art of subtle observations of their surroundings and the behavior of those around them. They capture knowledge fresh from the pages of life. 



Scouts work to find hidden venues where people in the community can connect. They also share the information gained from their explorations with the world via CityXcape.

Before wrapping up this article I would like to address a concern I often encounter. Some folks fear that by sharing their secret spots, they will destroy the value of their hidden gems. We understand this concern. That is why we designed the CityXcape app around the concept of tribes.

To put it simply, when you post a secret spot on CityXcape, only people within your tribe can see it. People in other tribes will not see it and your secret remains safe.

CityXcape is creating a platform for scouts to compete and serve the community they belong to. If you think you are scout, we want you. To find out how you can enlist, click the apply button below. 

We are the Streets

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