Decoding the Streets

A city is determined by its streets. That’s where public life takes place. Without street knowledge, getting what you want from the city can be very difficult. This is why many turn to dating apps, they lack street skills. If you are one of the bold ones who wants to reclaim the skill of foraging, I do not recommend just diving in. Without training, all you will see is buildings and people walking. You will need is a codebook.

Scout life.jpg

Without proper lensing, you will have no discernment

The streets are not just silent concrete, they have their own language. In fact, the streets are constantly communicating messages to us, the average person is just numb to it. If you want to be a CityXcape scout, you must learn their vocabulary. You will never discover the hidden worlds without it. Even those who are not scouts can benefit from stepping up their street knowledge. It will allow them to identify opportunities and communities where they belong.

To help train the scouts who have enlisted for CityXcape, I am starting a small YouTube series called Decoding the Streets. These will be five minute episodes where I cover street symbols and their meaning one at a time. As you familiarity accumulates, you will find yourself street smart in no time. While this series can be considered training for scouts and digital nomads, it is short entertainment for urban enthusiast. Click here to subscribe.

Scout Life!