Venture the Great United States

Most young adults living in cities like New York or San Francisco are putting themselves under great unnecessary pain. Rent in those cities is insanely expensive and rooms are the size of prison cells. Real estate prices in most major cities are downright offensive.

Having lived in several big cities, I have witnessed the many silly excuses young people make to move there. Some say they come here to follow their dreams, others say their home town have nothing, others come with the hope of finding a rich person to give them their big break. I myself have probably used one or all of these excuses at an earlier point in my life. But I was wrong!

Major cities are oversaturated with people. As a results, opportunities in those places are under heavy competition. Therefore, you not only have enormous expenses, but you also get the stress of heavy competition with other dreamers.

Living in a city of dreams might sound great… until you actually live there. All this ambitious go getting does something to your soul- it kills it! Everyone is trying to become the next big thing. People are not real, they frequently pose as wealthy or soon to be rich. Relationships are superficial. Dating is used either strategically or as past time until ‘the dream’ partner comes along.

Why do this to yourself? It is neither smart nor resourceful. Opportunities do not lie where the crowd is but at ignored corners. Young Americans need to stop flocking like sheeps to major cities . All you will get is a desk job and a tiny apartment with roommates. How did the youth of America become so spineless truly beats me. America used to be a culture of expansion. Move out west! said our fore-fathers, not let’s crowd to New York.

The dreamers of today need to update their mental model. It is no longer bold to leave your small town in Ohio and move to San Francisco. That’s been done already! What’s brave is to turn Ohio into something greater, or to scout the countless places in America still unexplored and turn them into something. So venture out my young scouts, venture into the great United States..

I understand that these adventures cannot be done alone. That is why I am forming a network of scouts throughout the country. We will start by exploring the very cities we live in, then move out to explore new territories. To coordinate all this movement between scouts, I am building an app to find secret spots called CityXcape. You can learn more about it by reading our mission.

I say fuck Manhattan! Let’s bring life somewhere else. Support us by enlisting as a scout if you got nerves or emailing us as an investor if you got money.

We are the Streets!

James AllanCities