Frequently Asked Questions

Those who are new to CityXcape often fall in one of two categories. The first group thinks the app is simple and provides no information that cannot be found on Google or Yelp. People in the second group, however see the value- but do not understand the mechanism. To clear both ambiguities, I have identified the common questions that provide the ah-ha moment when answered. Here they are:


What is CityXcape?

CityXcape is an app to find secret spots for a world


What is a world?

A world is a community of people that share a common ritual. A world has its own values, rules, language, and leaders. What may be admired in one world can be totally despised in another. Examples of worlds are Fashionistas, Vegans, Skaters, LGBTQ, Artists, etc. Worlds are the primary way secret spots remain hidden. Different world means different secret spots!

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What are secret spots?

A secret spot can be broadly defined as a location or service within a city that is not widely known. A secret spot can be anything, as long people in that world deem it legit. A secret spot can be a hill with a view, a free parking area in the city, a hidden art gallery, or a common gathering place for members of a world, etc. Since worlds have different rituals, secret spots will vary from world to world.


How do secret spots remain hidden?

Secret spots are kept hidden by two systems. A system of worlds, and a system of reputation called ‘Streetcred’. The system of worlds is straightforward, different worlds mean different secret spots. A person who joins CityXcape as a skater will see very different secret spots than someone who joined as an artist.

CityXcape also uses a system of reputation to maintain secrecy. Each time an individual adds or verifies a secret spot, he or she earns streetcred, a social currency that represents value added to the community. Two people belonging to the same world may still see very different maps depending on their contributions. The person with higher streetcred will see newer and more valuable secret spots while the other who is brand new to a world will see entry level secret spots rightly called ‘tourist spots’. See more on ranks here.

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Who are CityXcape’s users?

While we all enjoy the benefits of secret spots, finding them can be difficult. That is because secret spots are often purposely hidden by members in that world to keep outsiders from invading their space. It takes a special kind of character to find secret spots, almost like a spy. CityXcape calls the brave urban explorers who find secret spots ‘Scouts’. Click here for more info on scouts.

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Where can I get the app?

CityXcape has not been launched to the App Store yet. Register to be notified when it’s released.

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