Find Spots to Study

I’ve done so much studying in my life that it has become a source of pleasure to me. Nothing beats the endorphins you get when enlightened by new knowledge. It is a source of pleasure unknown to many. Being in a great setting while this learning takes place seriously improves the experience. The question is however, how do we find these spots?

It turns out that great study places are secret spots. People hide them because they don’t want the wrong crowd to come crash their cherished getaway. Is there a way then, to share these secret spots with only the people that will stimulate our mind and share our values? Yes there is- it’s an app called CityXcape.

CityXcape is an app to share secret spots amongst a closed group of people. The app does this by a system of worlds. When you download CityXcape, you are asked to create or join a world. Whatever secret spot you share in that world stays in that world. As other people join that world and add their own secret spots, the number of spots you have access to enriches.

We hope you use the CityXcape app to find study spots in your city. While the app is not released yet, you can join the waitlist by using the button below. Happy studying!

We are the Streets!