Find Secret Spots

You may be a tourist looking for non-commercial things to do, or you may be a local looking to expand your knowledge of the city. In either case, CityXcape may be the tool for you.

Find Secret Spots.png

CityXcape is an app to find secret spots.

Secret spots are pockets of fresh air, escapes from the city, hence the name CityXcape. Secret spots come in many forms. Some are venues where people of a certain community hangs out. Some are obscure places that teaches the history of the city. Others still are free amenities available to the public that remain unexploited. Regardless the case, secret spots will enrich you.

The CityXcape app does not show you all the secret spots at once however. Instead, secret spots are revealed gradually to users as they contribute. This prevents secret spots from being ruined and keep high level secret spots visible only to contributors. CityXcape is a free app, we only ask you spread the word. Enjoy!


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