How Secret Spots Stay Hidden

There are some scouts who are hostile to the idea of sharing their secret spots through an app like CityXcape. As someone whose had their spot blown myself, I empathize with the feeling.

The reality is however that your secret spot will be blown sooner or later. Like all things, secret spots have life spans. Some of them die young by being discovered too quickly, other die of old age by falling out of trend.

Since all secret spots eventually become mainstream, the only thing we can do is control who discovers it. After all, we should do away with this primitive hoarder mentality. Yes secret spots are dying, but new ones are also constantly being born. There’s enough secret spots to go around for everyone.

Ideally, we want to share our spots with people we can relate to. We are not cliquish, it’s just that secret spots are intimate places we use to get away. This is the reason why CityXcape came up the system of worlds.


CityXcape ask you to choose a world before showing you secret spots.

So what are worlds on CityXcape? Worlds are a community of people sharing secret spots. A world can be based on a common activity, like skaters, or it can be based on an identity like LBGT. Different worlds means different secret spots. In other worlds, if you and I belong to two different worlds, CityXcape will show us very different spots. Since these spots are visible only to their world, they remain hidden.

Those of you who want to learn more about worlds should watch this short video where I explain the concept more clearly. Worlds are natural phenomenons that already exist in cities, CityXcape is simply making them more easy to join.

We are the Streets!

James Allan