How to Meet People

We all want to meet new people. The benefits of doing so are obvious, they represent new social, romantic, or business opportunities. The question lies in the how. Most people rely on work, bars, or school to meet new folks. Others uses social events or dating apps. Chances are, you have already tried these methods but for one reason or another, they have failed to meet your needs. You came here to discover a new way of bringing people into your life.

The best way to meet people is through accidental encounters. Therefore we propose doing activities you enjoy and meet people along the way. The real question then is, how I find places with activities I like? And that’s where CityXcape comes in.

CityXcape is an app to find secret spots. Before you dismiss this as just another app promotion, allow me to explain how it works. People use the CityXcape app to share secret spots with one another. A secret spot can be anything, a hill with a view, a free museum, a hotel lounge, etc. When someone shares a secret spot, other people on the app must verify it by going there and voting on its legitimacy. In other words, people vote whether the spot is as good as the explorer who found it says it is.

By checking out secret spots, you are learning corners of the city that you never even knew existed. On top of the fun from exploring, you also meet people. Not just anyone, people who are into the same spots as you are. Socializing becomes a natural side effect, not a direct goal. Our goal to expand your world, physically and socially. We hope to have convinced you to give CityXcape a try, use the button below to join the app waitlist.

We are the Streets!