Our Mission

Our mission to explore every city of the world and organize their information. This objective is vital for urban advancement because the increased complexities of cities have made them become very difficult to socially navigate. 

Our mission is to explore cities and find their secrets

Concrete Jungle.png

Cities provide little to no clue in helping urbanites find where they belong. Because of this, people simplify and reduce. Urbanites tend to live in a hyper-insular bubble consisting of work/school, and restaurant/bars. This tiny pseudo-world, although convenient, leaves various social and emotional needs unfulfilled.

Our job is to bring the feeling of community back by showing people secret spots where they can meet others of the same tribe. We scavenge the city for information, and plant the data in CityXcape so that it can be made available to the public. This social data will help individuals find venues where they belong-  cities will feel warmer to live in. The social data you scout also has various commercial, intellectual, and scientific applications. You are, dare I say, helping all of humanity.

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