Calling All Scouts

Are you someone who likes to explore the city? Does the idea of being stuck inside an office all day sounds terrible to you? If so, that’s because you are meant for something else. If you’re like me, you want to explore, meet new people, examine cool architecture, learn local cultures, etc. The word I use to sum these activities is called ‘scouting’, and the people that do it are scouts.

Being a scout, I became frustrated with the way the world is structured. I’ve realized that life in modern cities for the average millennial is far too routine. You work in an office all day, and see the same people all the time. I needed adventure!

I decided to form a community of scouts like myself who want to use their exploring skills to 1) serve their community. 2) Meet new people. 3) Create financial opportunities for themselves. How is this done? We do this by revealing secret spots to people and letting them reward us for it in whatever ways they wish. The platform to achieve this is called CityXcape, an app for people to find and share secret spots.

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Cities today can be very lonely places despite their congestion. This is because there is no sign that shows people where they belong. As a result, urbanites tend to struggle for connection, and remain emotionally unfulfilled. Most cities are filled with lonely people.

CityXcape can reintroduce community by showing people secret spots to meet others of similar values. As scouts. we scavenge the city for these spots, and plant them in the CityXcape app for people to discover. In turn, they can leave us a tip or street follow us.

These spots will help individuals find where they can thrive. Since people will know where to go when they want to connect, cities will feel warmer. You are, dare I say, helping all of humanity.


CityXcape shows you secret spots. You begin by choosing a world ie. a community, then the app shows you secret spots for that world. Secret spots remain secret by being visible only to their world. So if you and I are joined two different worlds, our map will look entirely different.

So what's in it for you, the scout. Well… aside from the fact that it feels good to contribute to the well being of others, there are many reasons to become a scout. First, the activity itself is fun. Not only will you find cool spots, but you will also meet people. Second, scouting keeps you smart and interesting. Exploring the city will reveal to you its history, its evolution, and all of its cultures. Lastly, scouting will open up opportunities. You will make business connections, gain a street following, and eventually, during later stages of the app, revenue share with CityXcape.

CityXcape is not on the App Store yet, however we would like to prepare the scout community now. This mainly involves learning how to scout and properly use CityXcape. The first step for those interested is to enlist. By doing so, you are pledging to explore your city and share secret spots for people to enjoy. I will then contact scouts per city and integrate them into our community. To those that do enlist, thank you in advance!

PS: Those that are concerned about people crashing your secret spots, I recommend reading the article on how secret spots are kept hidden on CityXcape.

We are the Streets!

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