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Do you like to explore the city? Is the idea of being stuck inside an office sounds terrible to you? If so, you are probably meant for something else. If you’re like me, you want to explore, meet people, examine cool architecture, learn history and cultures, etc. The word I use to sum these activities is called ‘scouting’, and the people that do it are scouts.

This all started as I became frustrated with the 9-5. The average day seemed far too routine for me. You work in an office all day, and see the same people all the time. I needed adventure!

I decided to form a community of scouts like myself who want to explore cities. People who want to use their exploring skills to 1) serve their community. 2) Meet new people. 3) Test their skills at hunting for things. How is this done? We do this by finding secret spots and sharing them to the right people. This platform to share secret spots is called CityXcape.

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CityXcape is an app to find and share secret spots. Cities today are plagued with loneliness, our work as scouts can seriously help people connect with others in the physical world. To keep secret spots hidden between people with nothing in common, CitXcape use a system of worlds.

A world is a group of people who share similar lifestyles. Communities like skaters, fashion, LBGT, etc. all these are worlds. So CityXcape doesn’t show you random secret spots, it shows you secret spots for the world you choose. This makes sure that only people who can relate share locations.

As scouts. we scavenge the city for these spots, and plant them in the CityXcape app for people to enjoy. These spots will help individuals find where they can thrive and be accepted. You are, dare I say, helping all of humanity.


Find Secret Spots

Different worlds, different secret spots!

CityXcape is not on the App Store yet, however we would like to gather up scouts before we launch. This is where your help comes in. If you are someone who knows the city or loves exploring it, then your skills are needed. The scout army needs as many explorers as possible. Scouts will be contacted per city and be integrated into units. Thank you in advance!

PS: Those that are concerned about people crashing your secret spots, I recommend reading the article on how secret spots are kept hidden.

We are the Streets!

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