Secret Museum

Today's secret spot is a gorgeous photography museum available to you at no cost.The museum is funded by the Pilara foundation, an organization run by a married couple. The couple leases a warehouse to display their collection to the public at no charge. A generous community gesture. 

Image 1.jpg

Judging by the outside, you would think it's an abandoned building. 


But Once you walk in, you are welcomed into a stylish display of art.

Free photography museum

The check-in at the entrance allows you to store your jacket or bag. Once signed in, you're free to roam around and enjoy state of the art photography.

3rd Image.jpg

The photography inside is beautiful. 


It's a great place to socialize. Just ask for an opinion…

4th Image.png

Smaller museums are good places to socialize because their restricted size keeps everyone intimate. 

What I liked most about this building was its relaxed atmosphere. You can take photos and talk freely. No pretentious guard surveilling your every movement. The museum also has friendly volunteers that periodically walk around to answer any questions you may have. 


5th Image.jpg

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