Scout Hierarchy

The Scout community has its own hierarchy. Its rankings are not based on bloodline, but a system of merit. Our meritocracy is based on contributions that benefit local communities.

A scout rank is measured by street knowledge and local contribution. The more a scout is connected to his/her community, the higher his/her rank. As a scout grows in rank, he or she can reach the status of tribe leader or regional lord. Each time a scout shares valuable street information, CityXcape rewards them with StreetCred- the platform’s currency. 

But what exactly is valuable to the streets? Fundamentally, the streets care about venues to hang out (secret spots) and people to socialize within (tribes). Therefore, Scouts are rewarded for: 1) Adding new secret spots 2) Verifying existing secret spots 3) Creating a tribe for people to join. If you know the streets (or think you do), this is your time to shine. 

Back to the subject of hierarchy, here is the pecking order:

Hierarchy Table.png

The Scout ranks and titles are not just bells and whistles- they carry real privileges. As a scout progresses through the ranks, he/she receives more social access and financial opportunity through their local influence on CityXcape. 

Scouts with aristocracy ranks of Knight, Duke, and Street King have distinct privileges. The visibility of their secret spots is higher and they are framed on the city’s leadership board. Street Kings have access to even more secret weapons, but you’ll have to become one to find out what they are. Think you got what it takes? Come earn your place as a scout! 

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