Scout Rules

Scout work is not for the faint. One must have courage to explore the unknown, resilience to physical fatigue, and be intellectually capable of solving the puzzles encountered while exploring. However, the rewards one gains from this lifestyle more than makes up for it. Scouts are always meeting new people, learning new environments and routes, and are presented with countless social and commercial opportunities. 

For those of you interested in joining our community, there are some rules you should know regarding how we operate. These are the four essentials:

CityXcape Scout.jpg

Rule 1: Never leave your camera.

The camera is your primary tool. This device captures time and space, it makes or breaks neighborhoods, and it can create waves of public opinion that no one can resist. A scout without a camera is no scout at all. Don’t leave without it.

Alert Scout.jpg

Rule 2: Stay Present.

As scouts, we observe- it’s one of our core skills. The power of observation is profound; science would not exist without it. Learn to capture knowledge fresh from the pages of life. When you are not present, your observations are inaccurate at best. Pay attention to the little details, the pavement, the clothing of those around you, their conversations, their body language, etc. You have no business being a scout if you can’t stay present and observe. 

CityXcape Scout.jpg

Rule 3: When sh*t hits the fan, catch the footage!

As a scout, you’re often in the streets… and the streets are not exactly the safest place. When things get hot, do not give into the urge of running with the herd. Keep your composure, get somewhere safe, and film from a distance. If the action becomes dangerous, get out… hopefully with some footage ;) 

Scout Extraction.jpg

Rule 4: Never leave using the same route.

Knowing the city is part of your job. Once you’re done scouting, use a different road on the way out. Let me be concrete. Let’s just say you just got done verifying a secret spot you found on CityXcape, do not use the same route when leaving. By taking a different route you run into new roads, new people, and possibly new secret spots.

For those of you that have not already enlisted, use the button below.

We are the streets.