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CityXcape is about finding secret spots... This statement sounds clear but what exactly does it mean? What makes a place a secret spot? How do we even define what a secret spot is? The idea of secret spot can mean many different things depending on the person, and to be honest, we sort of like it that way. 

The honest response to these nagging questions is that a secret spot can be anything. As long it is not mainstream and is valuable to a community, a venue is secret spot eligible. However, to provide a little help in clearing the confusion, here are examples of secret spots I frequently encounter. 

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Free Amenities

Free amenities are exactly that-  free resources that a community can use. I have found secret spots that offers free office space with Wi-Fi and coffee. Other secret spots provide you with free parking, a valuable asset in a city like Manhattan. I have seen secret gyms that are completely free if you discover them. I have even found secret spots that provide free training for artisanal crafts like woodworking. We live in an abundant world, people are just not aware of these resources right outside their doorstep. 

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Social Hangouts

We all want to meet new people, but how do we do it without paying the toll at bars or coffee shops? Secret hangouts! These social secret spots are hangouts where you can meet folks and socialize without any purchase obligations. This removes all class pressure from the social scenario, allowing you to be yourself and relax. These secret spots are always in demand.

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Local Icons

Local icons are landmarks only neighborhood folks know. You will not find them on google map or a tourist brochure. You have to be "in" in order to be aware of their existence and understand why they are special. Local icons are great way to earn streetcred from locals and tourist alike. 


Secret Food

We all like to eat. A food joint can be a secret spot only if 1) the food is super cheap or 2) the place has a dish that is extremely delicious. Food secret spots either open your palate to new worlds or save your wallet. I have found some that did both :) 

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Secret Paths

Who doesn’t like shortcuts? Secret paths are corners and corridors you take to: 1) Escape the crowd during rush hours. 2) Avoid the noise of the city. 3) Save time during commuting. If you have swag like me, you also use secret paths to impress your hot date.  

Imagination is the limit

As mentioned before, secret spots can come in all forms. If you believe you found a secret spot, post it on the CityXcape app and let the community decide if it's worthy of the name. The fundamental point to realize is that it is through verification from people in the CityXcape community that your post will be crowned a secret spot or not. 

For those of you wondering how CityXcape keep those secret spots a secret, I will write an article on that next. Shout out to all my scouts out there! For those of you interested in applying to become a scout, you may do so here

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