Secret Spot Explained

A secret spot is a undiscovered location that provides a special benefit. This special benefit can be anything- an amazing view, a free amenity, or a hidden get away from the city.

When a person shares a spot on CityXcape, it is not immediately ordained as secret. Instead, the app allows other users to verify that location and vote on whether or not it is a real secret spot. It is the community that determines if the venue is a gem worthy of the name secret spot.  

Sharing a secret spot is easy

But how do we keep secret spots secret? After all, if too many people know about a place, it becomes mainstream. We use tribes as the solution to this problem. Every user in CityXcape is free to join or create a tribe- a group of people with shared values. When a secret spot is shared, it is only seen within the tribe of the user, thus keeping secret spots strictly within a community. Because people in a tribe share values, sharing is not a nuisance.

You can join or create a tribe

The CityXcape tribe system is simple but powerful. It means that people belonging to different tribes will see entirely different maps from CityXcape. We hope you find your community and begin enjoying its secrets.

What have you found today?

James AllanScoutsComment