Secret in Queens

Many has come to dread dating because of its expensiveness. An average date typically entails a pricey dinner and drinks. When the bill arrives, everyone becomes tense. Getting to know someone shouldn’t have such financial penalty.

But what if that could change? What if there was a spot you could bring the guy or gal you fancy for a truly unique experience at no price at all? The Self-Taught Genius Gallery in Queens, NY might be just the place.

Welcome to Self Taught Genius

Self Taught Genius Gallery

Without question, the Self-Taught Genius Gallery is a hidden gem. It meets the first criteria of a secret spot—it’s hidden in plain sight. The gallery looks so unassuming from the outside that you might pass it right by.

Admission is not only free, but the gallery supplies each visitor with a complimentary one-way MetroCard as part of a local community effort. Free admission and a subway fare make this secret spot one not to be missed.

The Self-Taught Genius Gallery is an arm of the American Folk Art Museum in Manhattan. Located within their administrative offices in Queens, this gallery also offers visitors intimate contact with curators.

Self Taught Genius

The art scene sets for an interesting date.

Currently, the gallery is open Monday through Thursday from 11 AM to 5 PM but is looking to add evening and weekend hours in the future. Ask for Sarah if you want insider knowledge on the collection. 

Taking your date to a secret spot conveys your connection to the city. You’re not just a hipster clueless to the local community around you. The Self-Taught Genius Gallery is a great venue for you and your date to explore historic and contemporary work by American self-taught artists. For more spots like this, sign up for CityXcape, the app to find to secret spots.

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