The Future of Cities

What are cities? Cities are a higher order organism. Like all life forms, Cities are born, bloom, and decay. They have arteries and veins we call highways. They have a power source similar to a stomach. They have a waste and drainage system such as the lymphs and urinary tract. They even have a skeleton and skin, which are the buildings and concrete around you.

You may think cities are different because it is the people living in them that makes them alive, but ask yourself this: what makes you alive? Isn’t it the 100 trillion cells in you that gives you life? It is helpful perhaps, to see a city as a super being, made up of a complex arrangement of smaller beings like you and me. 

Now the fun doesn’t stop there... It turns out that each city has a distinct personality. They have their own character so to say, with strengths and weaknesses. Cities also have their own specialty or trade. Los Angeles, for example, specializes in producing entertainment, while San Francisco mainly produces technology. 

Like all living organisms, cities are subject to evolution- and we’ve seen them evolve exponentially already. The cities of the past are gross and hazardous compared to that of today. Likewise, the cities of today will be repulsive when compared to future ones.

Cities are now at a crossroads. They are facing an obstacle that must be overcome if their evolution is to continue. This major obstacle is the lack of inter-connectedness. For cities to evolve, the people living in them must be connected to one another.


Urbanites are a frustrated group. They are surrounded by people yet still feel so distant from them.

Urbanites are fragmented individuals. I am not solely speaking in an emotional sense. This is especially true in the sense of desire and intent. There are millions of people living in a city, many of whom share similar desires. But since there isn’t a way for people to discover who amongst them want what they want, countless of needs go unfulfilled. This lack of synchronicity prevent cities from reaching their maximum potential as zones of fulfillment.

Times are changing however. Cities are developing a nervous system- the internet. The web can serve as an information highway where people can selectively broadcast their intent to others that match their desires. This will rapidly accelerate the amount of collaboration and new relationships. How will this happen? CityXcape!

Currently, CityXcape is an app to find secret spots… but it will evolve. CityXcape will allow people to discover other secrets- like the hidden world of desire! You will be able to see who seeks what you can offer and vice versa.

How will CityXcape do this? Well… I can’t give away all my secrets ;) Just know that through heart, passion, and intellect from the CityXcape founders (James & William), you will get an app that will tell you when others with similar desires pass you by. For now, support us by signing up for the app or emailing us if you are an investor.

We are the Streets!

James AllanCities