The Ground Scout

Ground scouts are the backbone of CityXcape. Their primary role is to find secret spots but they also report information about the neighborhood they survey. They are useful operators. Ground scouts tend to be tough folks who are not afraid of risk.

So how does a ground scout do his or her work? For one, they often patrol around the city, observing different neighborhoods and taking notes on their social texture. A scout will select a hood to explore, patrol the area, and socialize with locals there to verify his observations and learn about the less visible aspects of the community.  

After making his discoveries, the ground scout will log his secret spots and observations on the CityXcape app so others in the community can verify them.


Ground scouts find secret spots

When a new secret spot is posted, others are notified. The people that go verify the venue judge whether it is or is not worthy of the name secret spot. If the community finds it to be a secret spot, the scout who discovered it is awarded with StreetCred- CityXcape's social currency. If the community finds the venue to be mundane or misleading, the post is removed and the scout receives nothing.

The work that ground scouts do is vital for turning the city into a connected community. In these days of urban loneliness, their work is direly needed. If you would like to serve as a scout, use the apply button below. 

We are the Streets

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