UrbX is more than abandoned places

There are some explorers stuck in narrow ideas of scouting. They believe urban exploring is strictly the act of finding abandoned places. While such hunt is certainly part of what we do, it is not all of it. To pigeonhole the space to such narrow confinement is to ignore the vast number of explorers who like to scout for other things. 

In this article, I will list three types of urban explorers. I call them scouts. While they scavenge and hunt for very different things, each of these scouts have an important role in the community. Let us see what they do: 

Food Scout.jpg

Food Scout 

As the name implies, food scouts are people who look for undiscovered food gems. They find the hole in the wall that beats the five star restaurants in the city. A food scout may also find you a secret dish that is not listed in the menu of a restaurant. In a city like New York, where people are busy tussling and bustling, food scouts have an immense value. They find us good food, cheap food, hidden food, exotic food, dating food, weird food, and the list goes on. 

Ground Scout.jpg

Ground Scout

Ground scouts are explorers without an agenda. They walk around different neighborhoods and look for any hidden thing of value. Their discovery may be a secret parking spot, a hideaway corridor for smokers, a free lounge to socialize, a scenery for dating, a clean public bathroom, or even a secret person... their discoveries are fascinating and useful.  

As a ground scout myself, I feel a little biased towards this form of exploring. It's an activity that requires a strong body to endure long walks and patience to carefully observe value what is hidden in plain sight.

Ground scouts play an important role at providing context and connection to people that live in the city. They find secret spots that teach you the historical evolution of a neighborhood while connecting you with people in your tribe. Without ground scouts, the city remains a senseless hive covered in grey concrete.  


Art Scout

If the food scout feeds your stomach, the art scout feeds your soul. Art scouts are explorers of culture. They find the hidden museums, the undiscovered gallery, the live shows you need to see, the cool hipster joints to check out, and more. Through these art scouts, we are able to see the colorful expressions artists are putting out daily that goes unknown due to lack of information. 

Urban exploring is more than finding abandoned places. It is a way for us scouts to reveal a hidden world to a society isolated by their phone or Netflix. Our creative hobby of scouting encourages people to go out, meet people, learn the city, and have fun while doing it.  

What have you found today?