Scouts, who are they?

I have met scouts throughout my life. Over the years, I have gathered enough observations to express a solid description of who they are. Many people who are interested in urban exploring would like to know more about the community. They want to know what scouts are like, what type they can become, what scouts have in common, and why scouting is so important. I will address all these questions in this article.

What are Scouts Like?


Scouts come in all shapes and form. I’ve met scouts from all cultural backgrounds. They do have a look however. Experience has proven me that two styles tend to be predominant in the scout community. There is the edgy ‘outdoors look’ type of scout, and there is another with a modern streetwear appearance. As for myself, I definitely fall in the former, I love my boots and beanie!

What type of scouts are there?


There are mainly four types of scouts. The ground scout, the food scout, the night scout, and the art scout. Since this isn’t an article covering the type of Scouts, I will not go into details of what each does. In a nutshell, ground scouts find free stuff, food scouts find cheap or amazing food, night scouts show you where the party’s at, and art scouts connect you to cultural scenes.

What do Scouts have in common?

Scout B-2.jpg

Scouts hate staying in one place, but they love to explore new ones. Scouts hate being inside over long periods, but they love walking outside in open air. Scouts hate routines, but they love breaking their pattern. Many of them possess a keen knowledge of history and architecture. The most important trait however is that all scouts share a sincere love for the streets.

Why are Scouts important?


Scouts find secret spots, that’s their duty. Although it might seem trivial, these secret spots are valuable data to companies and people in the city. They are data that can be used to make cities smarter. The secret spots scouts find are shared with people via the CityXcape app.

In exchange, scouts are rewarded by the community through tips, street followers, and collect royalties on tours and secret paths they sell on CityXcape. Does this sound like a job you would enjoy? If so, join our community by using the enlist button below. Happy scouting!

We are the Streets!

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