Why dating apps suck!

Dating apps have been in the marketplace for quite some time now. Despite their normalcy, something about them still feels awkward. Why does browsing the web for people still feels so odd? I believe the answer to this question lies in two parts concerning one element- feeling!

The first part regarding emotions is that dating apps often make you feel desperate. While setting up a profile, you become vividly aware of your need for companionship. Using the app also makes you feel conscious, sitting down streaming user profiles is outright depressing.


Research shows dating app correlates with depression.

The second reason dating apps are so miserable is due to their inability to let you feel the other person. A thing that can only be done in person. Technology has its limits. Apps are great for keeping us connected, but they are not the medium to initially form them.

Here at CityXcape, we believe the best way to meet new people is in person. People in your life usually come accidentally. You two happen to be at the right place and time. CityXcape plans to facilitate these serendipities by showing you secret spots to explore. If you meet someone during your exploration, great! If not, you still had fun and became a better person by expanding your knowledge of the city.

If exploring the city and meeting people serendipitously is something up your alley, we recommend joining the waitlist for the CityXcape app. Happy scouting!

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