Why you should urban explore

Life is short, so it should be lived fully. A full life is not just material abundance. It is one full of varying experiences. The more unique moments you possess, the richer you are. Many of us have made this realization, but we struggle at integrating this knowledge into our lives. 

For most urbanites, city life is full of stress and duties. School, work, financial obligations, relationships, etc. are constantly making demands on our time. While doing our part in society is honorable, it is equally vital that we periodically get away. We need a space where we can forget all the artificial constructs that daily oppress us. What we need are secret spots. 

Secret spots are social getaways for people in a community. They are the one place where you an let go of your social status, ethnicity, or educational background, you can just be you. This environment is not only pleasant but it also allows you to purge the pent up stresses accumulated from daily duties.

At CityXcape, we like to keep secret spots hidden from plain view. We only show these venues to the people you dont mind sharing your secret spots with- your tribe. The app determines successful tribe members by tracking user secret spot contributions, weeding out users that don't produce, and keeping those that do. We suggest escaping one or two times a week. Pick a day off, or an evening after work. Go to one your secret spots, your happy place, and get away from it all. 

 A secret spot can be as simple as a dedicated corner for a tribe  hangout.

A secret spot can be as simple as a dedicated corner for a tribe  hangout.

Not all secret spots are the same. Some are very social, others are places of isolation. We know there are times where you want to be around people, others where you want to be alone. That is why CityXcape allows you to preview how many people are inside a spot before heading there. Helping you make decisions based on whether it is crowded or isolated. We want to empower you, whether that means time alone or finding others to bond with. 

Getting started with urban exploring on CityXcape is simple. Open the app, create an account to locate your city, and a map will appear showing you secret spots nearby. CityXcape is not yet released but we encourage you to register for the launch list. 

What have you found today?